Include Bookmarks in Your Funeral Booklet Plans

If you are trying to decide between a funeral booklet and funeral bookmark for a loved one’s service, consider these options. A funeral booklet is more labor intensive, depending on the size you choose. A bookmark uses only a little bit of information because it’s smaller size can’t accommodate more.

However, a funeral booklet template allows you to add a variety of information including multiple images, obituaries, and relevant biographical information. The bookmark template allows one or two smaller images and limited text space. Nonetheless, a bookmark template is less expensive to download and you can print up to four bookmarks at a time, whereas only one funeral program can be printed at a time.

If you can’t decide between the two, considering doing both, as they both complement each other especially if they have similar backgrounds, images, and fonts.


Distributing Funeral Booklets at a Service

Funeral booklets or pamphlets are an important part of a loved one’s service. However, knowing when and how to distribute them to the guests is just as vital as the program itself.
 Funeral Booklet
Funeral programs are distributed at wakes, memorial services, homecoming services, funerals, or celebration of life ceremonies. They include basic biographical data about the honoree and vital information about the funeral or memorial service . The programs are created by the funeral homes or at home by a family member or friend of the deceased person.
The funeral booklets can be either passed out at the door by friends or family members, or they can placed in stacks at the end of pews (in churches), on tables, or in various locations at the service. Remember not to interrupt the service when distributing the booklets, and don’t pass one out to anyone who said they don’t want one.  It’s best to make sure you have plenty to distribute and plan on creating more than you will actually need.
However, make sure you have additional copies for those relatives and friends who live out of town.  If you have a portable electronic version of your program, such as a PDF (Portable Documents Format), you may consider emailing copies to family and friends that couldn’t attend.  You may also be able to post a copy of the program to internet sites suited for this purpose.
Funeral Booklets not only serve the purpose of informing guests about the honoree and service information, but also can be a cherished keepsakes for friends and family members.

Information Needed for a Funeral Booklet

A funeral program is not complete without some basic biographical information about the deceased person. However, if you don’t have it, do you know where to get it? It’s not as hard to retrieve as you think. First, check out the deceased person’s obituary. If anything, this will have his or her full name, next of kin, and birth and death dates. Once you have this, you can find the rest. Talk to close friends and family members of the person who died. Find out additional basic information such as hometown, employment history, hobbies and education. From there, you can find out more about his or her likes and dislikes, tastes in music, etc. Finally, do an Internet search. You’d be surprised to find out what you can learn about a person online through his or her digital footprint! Check out this sample funeral booklet. You can see what basic information is needed!


Funeral Booklet Sample

This is a sample funeral booklet.  The bifold (single fold) layout has a design which features a beautiful set of red roses with red decorative border.  This booklet is formatted like a traditional religious-based funeral program.  The cover has a photo, a caption and service information and a birth and death date.  On the inside is an order of service and an obituary.  The back has a poem and an acknowledgement.

funeral booklet samplefuneral booklet sample


What is a Funeral Booklet?

Funeral booklets (also called funeral programs) are documents that are given out during funeral and memorial services.  These booklets contain information about the funeral service, as well as information about the deceased.  Funeral booklets are often kept as treasured keepsakes.

The family is usually responsible for providing the information for the funeral booklet. They often work with the funeral home to get the program made, or they can create the program on their own.  If creating the booklet at home, Funeral program templates can help you easily create a professional looking booklet.

Booklets usually contain the following information:

Cover photo and graphic designs
Order of Service or Service Outline
Funeral Poems, scriptures or song lyrics
Photo collages and decorative clip art

You can find many funeral booklet samples on the internet.  These examples will give you plenty of design and content ideas to help you make your funeral or obituary program memorable.


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